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How it Works

CipherWorks helps protect sensitive data in enterprise and eliminate Data Breach vulnerabilities in Enterprise Systems in Prod, Non-Prod, Big Data/AI and QA environments.

CipherWorks uses Semantic Encryption, which is an extension NIST Publication 800-38G, FPE FF1 block cipher algorithm. Semantically encrypted data has the same format as the unencrypted clear data. Thus the encrypted data can be used in the new and legacy business processes without breaking them.

For Example:

Encrypting a Phone Number such as (770) 564-0097 will create an encrypted value which looks like a phone number such as (893) 641-3426

Encrypting an Email Address will create an encrypted value which looks like an email address  such as

Encrypting an SSN 098-36-7754 will create an encrypted value which looks like an SSN such as 786-65-2487


Encrypting Images

CipherWorks can encrypt sensitive image records such as Check Images and Health Records.


Encrypting a Check Image:



Encrypting a Health Record Image:




Encrypting Database Tables/Columns



DBCipher can be configured to encrypt a selected number of tables/columns in any SQL database. The DBCipher runs in the background encrypting all the matching rows in the database. In a large database environment, DBCipher can be configured to run multiple, parallel threads on any target table, which can significantly improve the runtime performance.   

Soft Erase

CipherWorks has unique features for instantly erasing sensitive data when the data is no longer needed.


CipherWorks provides REST services for accessing encryption, decryption and other features of the product.


The access history can be monitored for fraudulent usage of the REST services. CwHawk, which is built on a Machine Learning platform accomplishes this monitoring.

Eliminating Sensitive Data in Test/QA Environment


Anonymize Sensitive Data in Big Data & AI Platform



Protecting Sensitive Data in Non-Prod Environment


Protecting Sensitive Data in Warehouse, Analytic Platform