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Secure Information Group ID (SigId)

Some encryption services use SigId as one of the inputs. It refers to the Security Identity Group ID for the entity you are encrypting or decrypting. CipherWorks internally uses SigId for the following:

  • Ensure that the encrypted values are not identical even when the unencrypted values are same. For example, even when two different entities have the same DOB, the encrypted values will still be different.
  • SigId is also used in the Right To Forget (RTF) implementation. CipherWorks keeps track of the validity of any SigId. When a call to Forget an entity is called, CipherWorks invalidates the SigId. After a  SigId is invalidated, any encrypted value which belongs to the SigId will stay encrypted. CiipherWorks will not decrypt a value when an invalidated SigId is passed to the decryption service.