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GDPR "Right To Be Forgotten"  

GDPR requires the customer's data be erased (i.e forgotten) on request. Deleting a specific customer data leaves holes in the Operational, Transactional, Analytic databases. This can negatively impact future data analysis and reporting. Using CipherWorks,  you can encrypt the data and remove the encryption keys which essentially 'forgets' the customer data in your systems. But it does does not leave holes in your database.

Data before "Forget" operation



Data After "Forget" operation



CipherWorks helps organizations to comply with the technical requirements of the following GDPR Articles.

Article 25, Article 6, Article 89, Article32

Encryption / Pseudonymization, Data Protection by Design,  Stay compliant with the regulation at the same time use the data for the normal business processes, Certain privileges in breach notification.

Article 17 

Right to be Forgotten.